Mechanisms and Dynamics Lab

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The Mechanisms and Dynamics Lab teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students about the practical aspects of kinematics as well as the dynamics of machinery. The lab has several state-of-the-art experimental setups for students of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. This includes various models of mechanism including slider crank mechanisms and inversion of four bar mechanisms that provide practical insight into the kinematic analysis of mechanisms. These models are also simulated for multibody dynamic simulations. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab : 128 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Fork liftVR2 No’s
2Tower craneDemo model1 No.
3Crawler craneDemo model1 No.
4ExcavatorDemo model1 No.
5Double slider crank mechanismDemo model1 No.
6Slider crank mechanismDemo model1 No.
7Geneva driveDemo model1 No.
8Scotch Yoke mechanismDemo model1 No.
9Four bar link mechanismDemo model1 No.
10Ellipse Tracer modelDemo model1 No.
11Peculiar linkage drive modelDemo model1 No.
12Pantograph mechanismDemo model1 No.
13Reciprocating engine mechanismDemo model1 No.
14Whitworth quick return mechanismDemo model1 No.
15Inversion of four bar mechanismDemo model1 No.
16Motorized Gyroscope apparatus4500rpm, 0.1HP, Rotar Dia=0.245mm, Rotor Thickness =10mm1 No.
17Dynamic balancing apparatus4500rpm with 4 no’s of eccentric masses1 No.
18Cam analysis apparatus1800rpm, 180Watts with different types of cam and followers1 No.
19Whirling of shaft apparatus4500rpm, shaft with different sizes and materials1 No.
20Universal vibration test apparatus100rpm, 180Watts capable of testing undamped free, damped and forced vibrations1 No.
21Formability and Dynamic Testing machine1 No.
22Focus 8 channel acquisition & analyzer system portable1 No.
23Power amplifier-PA-100 E
24Vibration Shaker V‑408
25Accelerometers (1691−1698)
26Impact Hammer
27Ometron VQ-400-A-V201 Quality Laser Doppler Vibrometer
284- channel acquisition front endNETdB 4 channel analyzer
29Microphones (88931,88932,88933,88961)
30Tripod stand