Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Signal Processing Lab (UG)

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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This undergraduate lab deals with simulation and the experimental aspects of linear integrated circuits. It teaches students to design, model, simulate, and build electronic systems using linear integrated circuits. Students are trained to use standard software tools for simulation, and learn how to build and analyse electronic circuits using Op-Amps, and other ICs and components. 

Particulars of the Facility


Salient Features
Sl​.NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Desktop ComputersI5-4670S, 4GB RAM, Intel Core, 500GB Hard Disk18
2SoftwaresLogic SimInstalled (Open Source Software)
TalkInstalled (Open Source Software)
3Oscilloscope70MHz,1GS/s3 Nos
4Digital IC Trainer Kits16 Pin Sockets12
5Logic GatesBasic Gates: 7400,7402,7404,7408,7432,7486,7410,7420,4075,7411 4‑Bit Binary Adder: 7483 Decoder: 7447 4‑bit Synchronous Counter: 74193 4:1 Multiplexer: 74153 1:4 Demultiplexer: 74139 Decoder: 74138 J‑K Flip Flop: 7476 Decade Counters: 7490 Comparator: 7485 Shift Registers: 7495Multiple
6Patch Cords300
78086 Microprocessor Trainer Kit With LCD display5V/2.5A; +/-12v,100mA8 Each (Available)
88051 Microcontroller Trainer Kit With LCD display5V/2.5A; +/-12v,100mA8 Each (Available)
9Interfacing Cards1.Stepper motor Interface (Interface Card and One motor) 2.LCD & Keyboard 3.Multiplexed Display & Keypad .8 Each (Available)
10Study Cards8255 Study Card 8251/8253 Study Card 8279 Study Card8 Each (Available)
12Single Strand Wires2 Rolls
13Seven Segment DisplaysDisplay
14USB to Serial ConvertersConverter cable5
15Serial Cable RS-2325
16TMS320C5416Evaluation Board4
17TMS320C6713Evaluation Board1
18Universal IC TesterIC Tester1 Nos
19Digital Multimeter10
20Soldering Station(Soldering gun,Flux,Lead,Bit cleaning Sponge,Stand)1
21CRO Probes(1x,10X Probes)20
22Wire Cutters5
23Extension Boxes(5A-10A)5
24Accessories(Screwdriver Set,Cut plier,Scissors,Tweezers)2 Sets
25Discrete ComponentsResistors(100 Ohms-10K Ohms)Multiple
26Transformers9 – 0‑9/1A
28Discrete ComponentsResistors(1 ohms‑4.7M ohms) Capacitors(0.01uf-2700pf) Inductors(1mH-680uH) Potentiometers(470 Ohms-470 K Ohms) Diodes(1N4001,1N4001,BY127,1N5819,CHN726)Transistors(CL100,BC547,BC557,BC107,SK100), JFET(BFW11), Zener Diodes(1N4148,2.6V-12V) OP-Amps(UA741,LM324) Logicates (7400,7402,7404,7408,7432,7486)
29CRO probes(1x,10X Probes)
30Soldering Station(Soldering gun,Flux,Lead,Bit cleaning Sponge,Stand)
31Wire Cutters
32Wires(Single stand,Multi stand)
33Extension Boxes(5A-10A)
34Accessories(Screwdriver Set,Cut plier,Scissors,Tweezers)