Antenna & Microwave Lab

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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    Students, Faculty / Staff, Research


The Antenna and Microwave Lab for undergraduate and postgraduate students offers training in antennas, RF, and microwave subsystems. 

Students are taught to characterise and verify microwave components using klystron workbench. They are also trained to measure and analyse various antennas. 

Particulars of the Facility

TOTAL AREA OF THE LAB : 83.56 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Reflex Klystrons10
2Variable Attenuators4 Nos
3Crystal detectors4 Nos
4E plane Tee8 Nos
5H plane Tee8 Nos
6Magic Tee8 Nos
7Circulators4 Nos
8Isolators4 Nos
9Directional Couplers4 Nos
10Phase Shifters (ferrite)4 Nos
11Horn antenna2 Nos
12Parabolic dish antenna1 Nos
13Slotted Line Carriages2 Nos
1450 ohm loads20 Nos
15Measurement of dielectric strength4 Nos
16Agilent Spectrum Analyzer (9 KHz‑1.5 GHz)1 Nos
17CXA Signal Analyzer N9000A (9 KHz‑7.5 GHz)1 Nos
18Microwave Signal Source, X‑band, 7.8 — 10.4 GHz1 Nos
19VSWR Meter (70db range)1 Nos
20Power Divider1 Nos
21Low Pass Filter1 Nos
22High Pass Filter1 Nos
23Band Pass Filter1 Nos
24Patch Antenna (Single Rectangle Patch)1 Nos
25EM Coupled Patch (2×1 patch)1 Nos
26Slot Antenna1 Nos
27Antenna Tripod Stand (Tx and Rx) Manual Type1 Nos
28Schottky Coaxial Detector1 Nos
29Coaxial matched Loads 50ohms1 Nos
30Short1 Nos
31Digital Storage Oscilloscopes200 MHZ, 2 Channel10 Nos
32Digital Multimeters2 Nos
33Breadboards20 Nos
34Wire Cutters10 Nos
35Extension Boxes(5A-10A)10 Nos
36Accessories(BNC — BNC Cable,RF Cables, SMA Connectors, PCB Board, N‑Type Connector, BNC Connector, ScrewDriver Set,Cut plier,Scissors,Tweezers)