Academic Research Programmes lead to the highest academic qualification one can achieve: a PhD. This doctoral degree typically takes between three to four years of full-time work and a thesis that offers an original contribution to the concerned field of study. 

Considered among the most valuable assets of an academic, a PhD demands rigorous research and is a challenging but rewarding experience. Students not only develop a greater understanding of their discipline, but actively help expand it as well. Additionally, over the course of the programme, students hone their problem solving skills, improve their communication skills, and acquire the knowledge and resources necessary for professional success. 

While a doctoral degree lays the foundation for a career in academics, it also opens the door to several non-academic opportunities. PhD holders are considered experts and leaders of their fields and are sought after by organisations and industries. They also called upon to contribute to the development of relevant knowledge and practices. 

The doctoral programme at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology draws independent thinkers and motivated researchers. Under the guidance of faculty members and with the aid of state-of-the-art facilities, these students push the envelope with their cutting-edge research. are Cost in Selected Rural Regions of Ghana

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