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Research at FET

Research is an unending quest to understand, rediscover, and improve current realities.

At the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, research offers students, faculty members, and scholars the opportunity to develop solutions and products that address industry challenges, improve efficiency, and ensure growth. 

Research is also viewed as yet another avenue through which individuals can further explore their field of study. It contextualises classroom learning, plugging gaps in knowledge and developing a thorough understanding of real-world work conditions. 

Additionally, the multidisciplinary approach to research at FET encourages students to collaborate with peers and experts from different disciplines. This promotes teamwork, a crucial skill in the workplace today. Students also hone their critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, thereby enhancing their employability. 

The exposure gained through research activities prepares students well for their careers, even presenting a jumpstart for those who wish to work in research. 

Sponsored Research

FET frequently collaborates with research institutions, universities, government bodies, and organisations on sponsored research projects. These projects seek to forge a mutually beneficial relationship between all parties, leveraging the knowledge and resources of each in pursuit of a common research goal.