HV Lab

Electrical Engineering

The field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Established in 2015, RUAS’s Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering focuses on imparting knowledge of this foundational engineering science to undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic research students. 

The Department seeks to mould the technocrats of tomorrow and equip them to meet emerging global challenges. A student-centric approach to learning is adopted to deliver an immersive education that addresses the contemporary needs of society and industry. 

The Department is led by faculty members and staff who bring years of academic and industrial experience to the table. Every student is carefully mentored and the student – teacher ratios outlined by the AICTE are strictly adhered to. The highly qualified faculty members also ensure that students who require additional attention are supported with special training. 

In a bid to familiarise students about the working of the industry, the Department actively forges collaborations and partnerships with industry bodies and organisations. These help bridge the gap between academia and industry, and pave the way for future research and development opportunities. Annual industrial visits are also organised for the benefit of students. 

Additionally, the Department’s MoUs with foreign universities give students the opportunity to participate in the 3+1+1 program by which students can opt to study abroad after three years of study at RUAS. 

The Department emphasizes research and innovation in electrical engineering, encouraging faculty members and students to focus on modelling, simulation, design, and control of systems. 

Students are ensured of a rich college experience with regular seminars, workshops, conferences, athletic meets, and events like Innovation Challenge and Hackathon. 

The infrastructure and facilities available also support the Department’s mission of delivering a quality, international engineering education. While all classrooms are equipped with audio-visual facilities like LCD and OHP, the Department also has advanced laboratories and research facilities like Basic Electrical Lab, Electrical Machines Labs, Power Electronics and Measurements Lab, Simulation Lab, and High Voltage and Relay Lab.

Head of the Department