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The Basic Electrical Lab by the Department of Electrical Engineering offers students access to equipment and machines of a high quality and standard. This includes best-in-class high voltage and relay, electrical machines, power electronics and measurement, and simulation facilities.

Particulars of the Facility


Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1DC Shunt Motor Coupled With Shunt Generator3.5kw,230V,1500rpm With Loading Arrangement1
2DC Series Motor3.5kw,230V,1500rpm With Loading Arrangement1
3DC Compound Motor3.5kw,230V,1500rpm With Loading Arrangement1
4Single Phase Induction Motor3.5kw,230V,1500rpm With Loading Arrangement1
5DC Voltmeters0 – 75V6
6DC Ammeters0 – 500mA/​20mA8
7Digital Multimeters38
8Frequency Generators6
9Digital Storage Oscilloscopes3
10Rheostat0 – 300E,2A, 0 – 50E/100E,2A7
11DC Dual Power Supplies14
12Auto Transformer270V, 12A, 415V, 10A2
13Dimmer StaterSingle Phase 4A6
14AC Ammeter0 – 20mA, 0 – 5A, 0 – 20A19
15AC Voltmeter0 – 600V, 0 – 300V26
16Wattmeter0 – 5/10A,300V UPF11
17Wattmeter0 – 1A,300V LPF10
18Lamp Load10A,230V2
21Fuse Box1
22SPST Switch and SPDT Switch1
23Energy meter240V 5A4
24Star & Delta Connected Load5A, 3Phase, resistive load1
25Single Phase Variac0 – 250V, 15A2
26Single Phase Transformer set1KVA, 230V/115V1
27Three Phase variable Load(Resistive)5A,415V1
28Three Phase Variable Load (Inductive )5A,415V1
29Decade Resistance Box5
30Decade Inductance Box5
31Decade Capacitance Box5
32Three phase Star & Delta connected Resistive Load2
33Single phase Transformer1KVA & 2KVA2
34Spring balance for motor experiments10
35DC Shunt Motor test Rig With Control Panel(3KW,220V,1500RPM)1
36DC Shunt Generator test Rig With Control Panel(2.2KW,220V,1500RPM)1
37Single Phase Variac250V, 4A2
38Variable Lamp load240V/3.6 KW2
39Multimeter 13S2
41DC Series Motor Test Rig With Mechanical Load(3KW, 220V, 1500RPM)1
42DC Compound Motor DC Compound Generator Test Rig(3KW,200V,1500RPM), (2.2KW, 220V,1500RPM)1
43DC Shunt Motor Test Rig with Mechanical Load(3KW,220V,1500RPM)1
44Two identical DC Shunt Machines Test Rig3KW, 220V,1500RPM1
45DC Panel Mount Center Zero Voltmeter600 – 0‑600V1
46Single PhaseTransformer Experimental setup2 No’s of Single Phase Transformer 230/230V,2KVA2
47Three Phase Transformer Experimental set up3 No’s of Single Phase Transformer 415,230V,2KVA1
48Variable Resistive load240V/3.6 KW1
49Ac Analog Voltmeters1
50Cut section of dc motor1
51DC Shunt Motor5.2KW, 220V, 1350RPM1
523 Phase Alternator Test Rig3.5KVA, 415V, 50Hz, 1500RPM1
53Single Phase Variac250V, 4A2
54Three Phase Variac470V, 20A1
55Phase Sequence Indicator1
573 Phase Synchronous Motor5KVA, 415V, 1500RPM with Mechanical Load test Rig1
58Single Phase Induction Motor2HP, 230V, 50Hz, 1500RPM Test Rig1
593Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor5HP, 440V, 50Hz, 1440RPM with Mechanical Load1
603Phase 4 Pole Slip Ring Induction Motor3HP, 415V, 50Hz, 1440RPM Test Rig with Mechanical Load1
61DC Shunt Motor-3Phase Alternator Set3.5KVA, 415V, 50Hz, 1500RPM Synchronizing Panel1
623 Phase Induction Motor, DC Shunt Generator Test Rig(3.5KW, 220V, 1500RPM) (3HP, 440V, 50Hz, 1500RPM)1
63Single PhaseTransformer Experimental setup2 No’s of Single Phase Transformer 230/230V,2KVA,1KVA1
64Variable Resistive load240V/3.6 KW1
65Cut section view of Induction Machine0.5HP/415V1
66Terminals Boards Fixed on A Base with terminals1
67Digital MultimeterRish 13 S2
6840 W Tube Light Choke1
69PCB Mounted Resistor150E,2W10
70PCB Mounted Resistor polyester capacitor01PF10
72Single Phase Variac270VA/2A1
73AC Portable Voltmeter0 – 300V1
74AC Portable Ammeter0 – 2A1
75Portable Wattmeter0 – 300V,0 – 2A UPF1
76Terminals Boards Fixed on A Base with terminals1
77Regulated Power Supply0 – 300V,2A1
78Digital MultimeterRish 13 S2
79PCB Mounted Resistor50Q > 0.5W,2W10
80PCB Mounted Resistor47Q > 0.5W10
81PCB Mounted Resistor68Q > 0.5W10
82Portable Dynamometer Type Wattmeter0 – 600V,0 – 10A,UPF2
83Portable AC Ammeter0 – 10A1
84AC Portable Voltmeter0 – 600V1
85Three Phase Inductive Load1
86Kelvin Double Bridge with Accessories1
87Maxwells Bridge with Accessories1
88Decade Inductance Box1
89De-Sautys Bridge with Accessories1
90Decade Capacitance Box1
91Patch Cords,fork type,crimp lugs15A,750mm L50
92Patch Cords,fork type,crimp lugs15A,300mm10
93Patch Cords,fork type,crimp lugs15A,1metre30
94Patch Cords,fork type,crimp lugs15A,1.5m L20
95Oscilloscope 30MHz,Dual Channel1
96Functional Generator2MHz1
97Analog Wattmeter UPF2
99Ac Analog Ammeter5A1
100Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope1
102Patch Cords (Black & Red)20
104AC Digital Ammeter50A1
106Digital Multimeter2
107Three Phase transformer15A, 440V1
108Study of Basic DC-DC Converter with MOSFET switch power module/​Control module2
109Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
110Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 200V1
111Digital DC Ammeter0 – 2A1
112DC to DC Flyback Converter power module/​Control module2
113Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
114Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 200V1
115Digital DC Ammeter0 – 2A1
116DC-DC Forward Converter2
117Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
118Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 200V1
119Digital DC Ammeter0 – 2A1
1203Phase PWM Control Using FPGA Fed Induction Motor Control i/​p 230V,AC +/-10V,o/p 3 phase,220V AC +/- 10V1
1213 Phase Induction Motor0.5HP,220V,1440RPM1
122Static Characteristics of SCRPE 1011
123Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
124Regulated Power Supply0 – 30V,5A1
125Unregulated Power Supply0 – 300V,1A1
126Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 30V1
127Digital DC Ammeter0 – 200micro A2
128Digital DC Ammeter0 – 200m A1
129Digital DC Ammeter0 – 5A1
130Rheostat0 – 25 Ohms,6A1
131Rheostat0 – 200 Ohms,2A1
132Digital MultimeterRish 13s1
133AC Voltage Controller Using TRIAC & DIACPE2631
134Digital AC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
135Oscilloscope 30Mhz,Dual Channel1
136Static Characteristics of Mosfet & IGBTPE 1021
137Power Supply+/-15V 500mA1
138Regulated Power Supply0 – 30V,5A1
139Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
140Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 30V1
141Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 10A1
142Rheostat0 – 25 Ohms,6A1
143R & RC Triggering circuitPE2661
144Step down Transformer240V/1151
145Lamp load mounted on a holder with terminals 100W bulbs1
146SCR Turn on circuit UJT relaxation oscillatorPE2611
147Digital DC Voltmeter300V1
148Digital AC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
149Single phase full wave rectifier with R & RL loadsPE122/2221
150Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
151Digital DC Voltmeter300V1
152Digital DC Ammeter2A1
153DC Jones chopper with R & RL load acitor, diode & auto transformer PE151/2511
154Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
155Regulated DC power supply2.5V — 30V, 1A1
156Digital DC Voltmeter50V1
157Digital DC Ammeter2A1
158AC Voltage Controller Using TRIAC & DIAC with R & RL loadPE2631
159Digital AC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
160Speed control of separately excited DC motor with fractional HP DC motor using SCRPE125/2251
161Regulated Power Supply+/- 15V,500mA1
162Ref. Transformer 230/15V with terminals250mA1
163Digital AC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
164Digital DC Voltmeter0 – 300V1
165Isolation Transformer 2KVA with enclosure for PE lab1
166Oscilloscope 30Mhz,Dual Channel5
167Isolation Transformer0 – 250VA, 0 – 230V, 1Henry 2KVA2
168Pulse Probes5
169Step down Transformer230V/15V, 1A3
170Terminal board2
171AC 100KV and DC 140KV Transformer With control panel with accessories1
172Rod Gap Assembly Plane to Plane and Point to Point Electrodes1
173Oil Test Kit60KV1
174100mm Sphere Gap Assembly1
17530KV High Voltage Tester with jig For solid insulating material — NOMEX1
176100KV , 100mA High Voltage Test Bench With High voltage transformer and suitable reactor for insulator wet & dry Testing1
177Electrolytic Tank for Field Mapping1
178Nozzled Artificial Rain Making Apparatus With X & y Gauge suitable water pump1
179Insulator string with guard Ring Insulator String Without Guard Ring1
180Impulse 150KV 225Joules 5 Stage 1.2p sec Wave Front & 50p sec Wave, tail impulse Generator1
181Earth Resistance Tester with earth rod kit1
182Electro Mechanical IDMT Directional Relay2TJM121
183Electro Mechanical type Over Current Relay Non directional Relay-2TJM101
184Directional and Non-Directional Relay Trainer1
185Microprocessor Based Numerical Overcurrent Relay Non-Directional Relay MIT1031
186Microprocessor Based Numeric Over Current Relay Directional Relay MIT1311
187Current Injection Kit1
188Electro Mechanical Over Voltage RelayMVDG111
189Electro Mechanical Under Voltage RelayMVDG131
190Microprocessor based static O/U Volts RelayMV-121
191Microprocessor based Numeric O/U Volts RelayMVT1811
192Static Over Voltage RelayTEB21
193Static Under Voltage RelayTEB2
194Voltage Injection Kit2Amps1
195Negative Sequence RelayCTNM121
196Differential Relay Single Phase Differential RelayMBCH121
197Differential Relay Test Equipment1
198Motor Protection scheme3 Phase 5HP, 50Hz, 415V1
199Feeder Protection scheme1
200Air Circuit Breaker1