Electronics Lab (PG)

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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    Students, Faculty / Staff, Research


The Electronics Lab for post graduates is designed and equipped to train students in various DSP and FPGA boards. Students are also taught about real time implementation of various applications on the intended platforms. 

Particulars of the Facility


Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Desktop ComputersP4, 1GB RAM, Dual Core, 40GB Hard Disk4
I3, 3.86GB RAM, Intel Core, 150 GB Hard disk1
P4, 1GB RAM, Dual Core, 75GB Hard Disk1
P4, 1GB RAM, Dual Core, 150GB Hard Disk1
I3, 3.41GB RAM, Intel Core, 500 GB Hard disk1
P4, 512MB RAM, Dual Core, 40GB Hard Disk1
I5-4670S, 4GB RAM, Intel Core, 500GB Hard Disk25
2SoftwareMultisim Software15 User Licenses
3Linear IC Trainer Kits8
4Digital Storage Oscilloscopes70MHZ 2 Channel10
5Arbitrary Function Generators20MHZ, 250MS/​s9
6Arbitrary Function Generators24MHZ, 2 Channel8
7Signal Generators3MHZ10
8DC Regulated Power Supplies0 – 30V/10A, 2 Channel12
9DC Regulated Power Supplies0 – 15V/5A, 2 Channel12
10Decade Resistance Box0 – 1MΏ10
11Decade Resistance Box0 – 100kΏ2
12Decade Capacitance Box0 – 1000pf10
13Decade Inductance Box0 – 1000uh10
14Digital Ic Trainer Kits16 Pin Sockets with Clock Pulse6
15Patch Cords50
16Digital MultimetersDigital Meter40
17Tabletop Analog Ammeters0 – 2A5
18Tabletop Analog Ammeters0 – 30mA5
19Tabletop Analog Voltmeters0 – 30V5
20Tabletop Analog Voltmeters0 – 2V5
21Rheostat100E, 2A1
22Transformers9 – 0‑9/1A15
24Discrete ComponentsResistors(1 ohms‑4.7M ohms) Capacitors(0.01uf-2700pf) Inductors(1mH-680uH) Potentiometers(470 Ohms-470 K Ohms) Diodes(1N4001,1N4001,BY127,1N5819,CHN726) Transistors(CL100,BC547,BC557,BC107,SK100), JFET(BFW11), Zener Diodes(1N4148,2.6V-12V) OP-Amps(UA741,LM324) Logic Gates(7400,7402,7404,7408,7432,7486)Multiple
25CRO probes(1x,10X Probes)35
26Soldering Station(Soldering gun,Flux,Lead,Bit cleaning Sponge,Stand)4 Sets
27Wire Cutters10
28Wires(Single stand,Multi stand)4 Rolls
29Extension Boxes(5A-10A)5
30Accessories(Screwdriver Set,Cut plier,Scissors,Tweezers)2 Sets