Measurements and Metrology Lab

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The Measurements and Metrology Lab is well-equipped with precision measurement instruments such as a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), profile projector with QM Data DRO, and a portable surface roughness tester from Mitutoyo, the Japanese company. With an accuracy of 1 to 3 micrometers, the equipment in the lab caters to the educational, research, and industrial needs of the RUAS community.

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab : 79.48 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Coordinate Measuring MachineMitutoyo Bridge Type X axis 500 mm,Y axis 400 mm, Z axis 300 mm Maximum measuring speed 8 mm/​s Resolution 0.0005 mm Maximum measurable height 545 mm Maximum table loading 180 kg 1 No.
2Profile ProjectorMitutoyo Travel X‑Y Movement: 50 x 50 mm Travel Z(Up and Down): 25 mm (Under 10x) Micrometers (50 mm Dia): 25 mm (L.C: 0.005 mm) x‑y bed size: 150 mm x 150 mm1 No.
3Tool Room MicroscopeAngle reading: Range: 360 Minimum reading: Eyepiece: 15X (176−116), View field dia.: 13mm Objective: 2X (176−138), Working distance: 67mm Optional: 5X, Total magnification: 30X1 No.
4Portable surface roughness testerMitutoyo 2.4‑inch color graphic LCD complies with the following standards: JIS (JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS B0601-1982), VDA, ISO- 1997, and ANSI. 1 No.
5Set up for calibration of pressure gauge with dial indicatorDead weight pressure gauge tester: Capacity 30 kg Accuracy : 0.1% of FSD Size 320×320×200 mm Digital Indication in separate module connected to main unit 1 No.
6Set up for calibration of LVDTRange +/-10mm Micrometer : 0 – 25 mm Indicator : 3 1/2 digit read, upto +/- 10mm1 No.
7Set up for calibration of K type J type thermocouple RTD & Thermistor0 – 100o C, RTD Pt ‑100, Thermocouple K type and J Type1 No.
8Strain gauge setupDigital strain indicator of 3 1/2 digit read strain gauge of star and delta type1 No.
9Longitudinal and torsional vibration set up1 No.
10Load cell calibrationRange 0 – 10 kg, Resolution 0.01kg1 No.
11Photo elastics apparatus1 No.
12Slip gauge Box87 pcs and NABL Calibration1 No
13Slip gauge Box47 and NABL Calibration1 No
14Dial indicatorRange per revolution 1 mm (0.2mm) LC =0.0010 mm (Max 10 mm)3 No’s
15Dial indicatorRange per revolution (1mm) : Range 10.00mm LC =0.010 mm 3 No’s
16Surface plateGranite with stand 1600 x 1000 mm2 Nos
17Vernier caliper digitalRange 0 – 200 mm LC = 0.010 mm1 No
18Vernier caliper manualRange 0 – 200 mm LC = 0.020 mm3 No’s
19Screw gauge manualRange 0 – 25 mm LC = 0.010 mm3 No’s
20Screw gauge manualRange 25 – 50 mm , LC = 0.010 mm2 No’s
21Screw gauge digitalRange 25 – 50 mm , LC =0.001 mm1 No
22Screw gauge digitalRange : 0 – 25 mm LC = 0.001 mm1 No.
23Height gauge manualRange : 0 – 300 mm LC = 0.020 mm1 No.
24Thread gauge (Plug + Ring)Set of Standard M3-6H to M12-6H Thread Plugs and rings.1 No.
25Thread gauge (Plug + Ring)Set of Standard M3-6g to M12-6g GO Thread Plugs and rings1 No.
26Depth gauge manualRange : 0 – 150 mm LC = 0.010 mm1 No.
27Bevel protractorBlade Length : 150mm , W/60 , 40 deg edges, required standard type1 No.
28Bore gaugeRange 18- 35 mm standard length1 No.
29V BlocksMagnetic, Max 25 mm dia2 No’s
30Magnetic dial standApplicable holding dia 6 /8 mm2 No’s
31Granite comparator stand200 x 250 x80 column travel 250 mm2 No’s
32Dial indicator standStem hole as per the dia (6 or 8 mm) with flat anvil2 No’s
33Micrometer standHolding up to 100 mm, Adjustable angle type2 No’s
34Spirit levelUnrelieved flat base of steel hardened and lapped1 No.
35Thread gauge0.4 to 7 mm pitch, Mitutoyo1 No.
36Feeler gauge0.5−1 mm 26 Blades Assorted Feeler Gauge Sizes 0.04 to 0.63 mm1 No.
37Radius gaugeRange 1mm to 7mm1 No
38Floating carriage MicrometerRange 1mm to 20mm
39Wear blocks10mm * 2mm2 No’s
40CMM model work PieceInjection molded part : Mitutoyo make1 No
41Air gaugeMandrel 20mm diameter 20mm1 No.
42Dial indicatorRange per revolution 0.1 mm Range 2 mm LC .001 mm 2 No’s