Basic Workshop and Machine Shop (W1)

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    Technology Campus (Peenya Campus)
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Machining is a step in the process of manufacturing where a work piece is given its specified shape through removal of surplus material. Students from all branches of engineering learn about the fundamentals of machining operations in the Basic Workshop, where they are given hands-on training. 

The Machine Shop is designed and equipped to teach students of mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, and automobile engineering. Students learn how to use different machines and are trained on developing various models. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab : 499.07 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Arc Welding Machine400 Amps1 no.
2TIG/​Arc Welding200 Amps1 no.
3Arc Welding Machine200 Amps1 no.
4Spot Welding Machine10 kVA1 no.
5Welding Table33’‘ H, 32″ L, 32’’ B2 no.
6Brazing Assembly with all Accessories1 no.
Sheet Metal
7Sheet Metal Stakes set20 no.’s
8Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Shearing Machine122 no.
9Light Duty Sheet Metal Shearing Machine5/300(12″)1 no.
10Spot Welding8 kVA1 no.
Fitting Shop
11Work Tables35’‘ H, 70 L, 47’’B14 no.‘s
12Heavy Duty Bench ViceDouble Rib, Size 6’‘ by 6’’56 no.‘s
13Cast Iron Surface Plate600×600 mm3 no.s
14Vernier Caliper0 – 150 mm10 no.’s
15Height Gauge0 – 300 mm Analog3 no.’s
16V‑Block with ClampMagnetic3 no.’s
Wood Working
17Work Tables38’‘ H, 50″ L, 35’’ B5 no.’s
18Carpentry ViceDouble Rib, Size 6’‘ by 6’’12 no.’s
19Circular Saw110mm Cutter, Power Input-1200 W, Voltage: 220 – 230 V, No Load Speed 12000 rpm, Wt 2.8 Kgs13 no.’s
20Angle Grinder230 – 240 Voltage, 2.4 A, 50 – 60 HZ, 540 W, 12000 / min2 no.’s
21Jig-Saw Machine450W, 3100 rpm, 2.6 KG2 no.’s
22Jack Plane225 mm Long and 50 mm Blade12 no.’s
Machine Shop
23Ram type Vertical Turret Milling Machine1 no.
24Imported Horizontal Universal Milling Machine1 no.
25Bridge Port Milling Machine With DRO1 no.
26Heavy Duty Conventional Lathe Machine3 no’s
27Medium Duty All Geared Lathe7 no. s
28Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine1 no.
29Cylindrical Grinding Machine Model UC-4501 no.
30Pillar Type Geared Drilling Machine1 no.
31Pedestal Grinders 0.5HP 3phase2 no’s
32Fly Press1 no.
33Surface Grinding Machine Model 1020 OT1 no.
34Buffing Machine1 no.
35Vernier caliper0 – 300mm2 no.
36Micrometer0 – 25mm5 no’ s
37Micrometer25 – 50mm6 no’s
38Dial Gauge0.01mm Accuracy6 no’s
39Bore Gauge10 – 18mm1 no.
40Bore Gauge18 – 50mm1 no.
41Height Gauge0 – 600mm1 no.
42Bevel Gauge3 no’s
43Cast Iron Surface Plate1mtr×1mtr1 no.
44Magnetic Stand6 no’s
45Varner Depth Gauge0 – 300mm1 no
46Heavy Duty14’’Cut-off Machine1 no
47CNC Wire EDM MachineMaximum Speed — 80 mm²/​Min. • Machining accuracy — 0.01mm * • Best Surface Finish — Ra 1.25 to 1.75 • A.C. — Not Required up to 40° C • BMXP pm‑k system software controller works on Windows 7 operating platform • Inbuilt database for cutting different materials. • Coolant filtering system — Fine stainless steel wire mesh for coolant filter • No need to change wire guide for different diameters • Two axis DRO (Std.) • 4‑Axes synthesizer to cut different profiles at top and bottom1 No.
48Piezoelectric based computerized lathe tool dynamometer (Model no: LTD-300)• Capacity: 3 KN • X- direction Measuring range:0+/-3000N (0.1 N sensitivity) • Y- direction Measuring range:0+/-2000N (0.1 N sensitivity) • Z- direction Measuring range:0+/-2000N (0.1 N sensitivity) • Display: Digital • Accuracy: +/-0.5%1 No.
49Olympus Optical Measuring Microscope• Machine: STM-7VF, Olympus • Eyepiece: CFWN 10 X Eyepiece (2 Pieces) • Eyepiece Tube: Binocular • Measuring Range: 100×100 mm, Rotating Table • Z‑axis movement: Manual (Dual side coarse/​fine focus knob) • Z axis: 150 mm with feed mechanism • Z axis Linear scale: Built in • Measuring accuracy: 2.2 μm • Scale Resolution: 0.01/0.1(default)/1/10 μm • Max loading Weight: Max loading Weight • Magnification accuracy: 0.1%1 No.
50Digital Tool tip Temperature indicator• Temperature range: ‑50°C ~1150°C • Sampling rate: 1 sample/​sec • Indicator: LCD Digital indicator • Sensitivity: 1 degree/​count1No.
CNC Shop
51CNC Vertical Machining Center Model WinnerProduct details: Brand Ace Micromatic Table Longitudinal Travel : 400 mm Rapid Traverse :32 / 32 / 32 40 / 40 / 40 Feed Rate :1 — 10000 mm / min Tool Storage Capacity :12 Nos. Max Tool Dia with All pockets Full :125 mm Table Cross Travel:350 mm Headstock travel :320 mm Spindle Nose Face to Table Top :135 – 455 Table Height From Floor :830 mm Table size :650 x 350 mm Table size :650 x 350 mm Max load on Table Standard :200 / 400 kgf Spindle Speed :60 — 6000 rpm Spindle power Std :5.5 / 3.7 kW Product description: Features: • LM guideways for all three axes • 32 m/​min rapid for all three axes • Disc type tool changing system • Chip to chip time of 4.5 sec • 12 tool ATC capacity1 no
52Slant Bed CNC lathe “ Jobber XL”Swing Over Dia mm 500 Swing Over Carriage mm 260 Distance Between Centres mm 425 Maximum Turning Dia mm 320 Maximum Turning Length mm 400 Spindle Size A2‑5 Bore through Spindle mm 53 Spindle Speed rpm 4000 Spindle Motor Power ( Cont / 15 min) kW 5.5÷7.5 X‑Axis stroke mm 165 Z‑Axis stroke mm 400 X & Z axes rapid m/​min 20 No of Tools 8 OD Turning tool size 25 x 25
53Air Compressor1 no
54Digital Power Conditioner2 no’s
55Vernier caliper0 – 150mm Digital1 no
56Micrometer0 – 25mm Digital1 no
57Micrometer25 – 50mm Digital1 no
58Height Gauge0 – 600mm Digital1 no
59Pedestal Grinders0.5HP1phase1 no
60Micrometer50 – 75 mm1 no
61Micrometer75 – 100mm1 no
62Dial Gauge0.001mm Accuracy1 no
63Bore Gauge50 – 150mm1 no
64Slip BlocksM321 Box
65Bevel ProtractorMagnetic V‑Block1 no
66Magnetic V‑Block2 no’s
67Granite Surface Plate1mtr x 1mtr1 no