B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering Students from RUAS Win Cash Prize of Rs. 1 lakh in SMART INDIA HACKATHON (SIH-2020)

Team SOMyojan’ from B.Tech Mechanical Engineering students mentored by Dr. Rahul M. Cadambi, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering have won a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh for the problem statement MK#102 in SIH-2020 Hardware Edition. The students Mr. Manognya Haritasa M. S., Mr. Halesh K. S., Mr. Harsha Anand, Mr. Mukesh Shetty, Mr. Hemanth Kumar H. and Ms. Piyush Devangan developed two innovative and cost effective solution for Temporary Restoration of Transportation System in the Hilly areas of Uttarakhand during Peak Rainy Season’. SOMyojan developed a Modular Temporary Composite Bridge for Rescue Operations’ for the given problem. End-to-End process involved arriving at concepts, analytically designed using first principles, validated the design using CAE tools and finally developing the prototype using fibre glass composite materials. The first solution is floating bridge concept suitable for pedestrian movement. The second solution can be extended from first solution to small vehicle movement by incremental cantilever bridge construction. Both the concepts can be implemented quickly by unskilled labours and bridge can be built from one end or from both the ends for immediate rescue operation. The fabricated composite panels can take a load of up to 0.7 tons and weighs less than 1.8kgs making it easier for handling and transportation.

MME Dept SIH2020 Cash Prize